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Home Health Care

Joint Commission LogoOur years of experience help us deliver the best and the highest quality of in-home care services at reasonable and competitive rates.

You may reach us through our contact information so that you may better know how we can care for you, how we can help you make decisions for your specific needs, or how we can help you or your loved ones get the care you need in the comforts of your home.

Skilled Nursing Services

  • Initial comprehensive evaluation visit to the patient
  • Provide skilled nursing services that require more specialized nursing care, which include, but is not limited to:
    • Wound care treatment
    • Wound Vac
    • Patient and caregiver teaching on disease management, but not limited to teaching about diabetes and insulin administration, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and other cardio vascular diseases, and other body systems
    • Respiratory equipment teaching and management
    • Colostomy care
    • Catheter care (Foley/Supra-Pubic Catheter)
    • Injections and lab work (only in relation to skilled nursing need)
      • PT/INR
      • Blood Glucose
      • CBC
      • Chemistry Profile
      • Drug levels such as Digoxin, Theophylline, and Dilantin
    • Medication Management

Home Health Aide Services

  • Assist patients with personal care needs
    • Plan and prepare meals and assist in feeding patients as directed

Physical Therapy Services

  • Provide evaluation and treatment of patient’s rehabilitation needs
  • Therapeutic exercises for muscle conditioning and strengthening
  • Educate patients and families about safety

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Provide training for activities of daily living
  • Skills and techniques on adaptive equipment

Speech Therapy Services

  • Swallowing evaluation and treatment
  • Language and communication disorder treatments
  • Speech rehabilitation

Medical Social Services

  • Assess patients’ and families’ ability to cope with social, psychological, cultural, and medical issues resulting from an illness
  • Provide counseling

Durable Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, and Laboratory Services

  • Coordinate delivery of durable medical equipment (DME), prescription drugs, or laboratory services from the dealers to the patients’ homes

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